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In thinking about redesigning my web site, I realized a lot has changed since I first started consulting directly to companies following the demise of the interactive agency I worked for years ago. So many companies that were dominant at that time have either been sold or merged into other companies, or are simply gone. Many of the people I considered colleagues are now working in other fields. Many of the web sites, programs and services that were "hot" at the time are now considered obsolete.

The only thing constant, it seems, is that things are constantly changing.

Is your business changing?
What has changed in terms of what your offer to your customers and clients? How has change affected you in the past five years? How can we stay a few steps ahead of our competitors in the next five years?

What are you doing to create change instead of reacting to it?

Digital vs. Online vs. Internet Marketing
Since the early days of the internet, terms like digital marketing, or online marketing, or internet marketing have changed, but the work itself has remained constant. Using the tools, techniques and support services of the internet in the service of your clients.

From the beginning, people have found me because they have heard about me from someone else, or they have done research and found this site and read more about my approach to working with clients. Rather than focusing on having the most clients, I have tried to work for the best clients that have, in large part, sought out my services.

Building or redesigning web sites has been the usual way I become involved with my clients, but others have come to me initially for search engine optimization/search engine marketing, or help with inbound/outbound email, and we go from there. Generally, the more clients find out about what I do, the more they want my help in those areas. What are those areas?

Before I describe the many things I do, please note that if your needs involve using the internet to further your marketing goals, I can help you. If your business problem requires online marketing solutions, I can help you get to the bottom of it and get things done. If you don't know what your problem is, necessarily, I can help you by listening, identifying things and then recommending solutions.

Do you need help? I'm assuming that's why you're here, so please continue...

What Does An Online Marketing Consultant Do?
First and foremost, I provide advice to my clients on the best ways to use the internet to market their products and services. Secondly, I can help clients without the resources to implement what they want done so we can get from one point to another, based on the client's stated interests.

From the time I began surfing the internet and learning more about it, there have been endless discussions about what's good, what's bad, what's hot, and what to avoid. Over the years, many things have come and gone, many new things have taken their place, and most clients don't know what to embrace vs. what they should avoid.

Who should you avoid? Online marketing consultants that don't understand the "big picture."

Web Site Design And Development
This is a deep topic, full of room for interpretation and personal style on the part of designers and programmers. However, I approach this topic from the end user's perspective, and clients are often surprised and pleased to find that my goal is to cultivate the ground between them and their customers and make it easier for them to grow their business in the process.

How do I do this? Become a client and find out.

Web Site Redesign
Early on, many companies didn't have web sites and there was less redesign work. Now, many of them who have built web sites have found that they are unhappy with the results produced by their original web sites, or want to enhance the performance of their site(s).

What do you want to enhance? Let's talk about it and see where it leads.

Search Engine Marketing
This is a combination of natural/organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. What are you doing in these areas now? How much are you spending? Are you getting the kind of results you want? Do you feel you could be getting more but you don't know how? These are the kinds of questions that arise all the time, and I never get tired of talking about these subjects.

What do you want to know? Sometimes, the answers are simple and, other times, complex.

Social Media
How are you using social media to attract clients/customers/visitors? Are your social media efforts coordinated with other online/offline marketing efforts? Do you use it to start a story or continue a story, or both? Are you being effective?

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something. Do it well or don't do it at all.

Email Marketing
What was once perceived as one of the greatest methods of marketing has been poisoned by email spammers and trashed by companies who have used it (and abused it) to the point where end users are now secretive about their "real" email address, or use they Hotmail, GMail or Yahoo email addresses for their non-essential email. And, if you're trying to reach younger audiences, email may not help you much at all.

How do you use email to effectively communicate with your clients/customers? The answers are actually simple.

Custom Web Site And Multimedia Content Creation
What is it about your business that is unique? What is your value proposition? Why do your customers like you? Who doesn't use your company's products or services that should be using them? Why aren't they using them? I'll identify the good, the bad and the ugly and help you develop online content that reaches your customers and clients in ways you can test, learn from, and adapt to a wider audience. My prior experience as a freelance writer and publicist has helped me craft content in interesting ways that has helped countless clients over the years.

Do you need a customized, dynamic content management system? I can help you develop that, too.

Competitive Analysis Of Your Online Competition
Your clients are working hard every day, trying to take business away from you, trying to capture new customers, trying to keep their existing customers. What are they doing offline? What are they doing online? Are there new things you can learn about what they're doing that you can implement right away?

How can you gain any kind of advantage over your competitors? I can help you with the digital portion.

Video And Multimedia Production: Shoot It Once, Use It Multiple Ways
Many clients are now using video to present their business to customers and clients. From small clips on their web site to rich media ads and video testimonials, you can now use video online in ways that were difficult several years ago. How to use it, when to use it, and when not to use it are all things that can be explored. And, you can also use it in digital signage applications and CD, DVD or Blu-Ray media you can hand out or mail to your customers and prospects.

Why? When? How? How much? Each client has different needs and requirements, so one size, in this case, clearly doesn't fit all.

Other Areas
Some of the things on which we may offer advice, direction and implementation include ad serving, link building, online media buying, online media planning, training your staff, web stat analysis and reporting, domain registration issues, web hosting, keywords, keyword research, use of HTML5, splash pages, customized landing pages, microsites, photography, online tie-ins to offline campaigns, music production, and more.

If there is anything you need in the way of digital marketing, Mazmania is your one-stop source for the best advice, information, research, planning, development, execution, analysis and reporting.

What's Next?

That's up to you. Feel free to call or email me.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

John Mazurkiewicz
Digital Marketing Consultant
Mazmania Creative Services

John Mazurkiewicz
Digital Marketing Consultant
Cell: 201-838-5635

Ways I Help Clients
If you represent a hospital or health system and you want to create marketing materials

that are customized for the people in your lobbies, the patients in your beds and the people visiting your web
sites, I can help you.

Optimize And Customize
If you want to optimize your existing web site and create multi-layered pay-per-click campaigns that direct to customized landing pages,

I can help you.

If you want to coordinate your offline marketing and your

online marketing by using
print ads that drive to
customized web content,
I can help you.

Email Campaigns
If you want to grow your own email list so you can

reduce the cost of printed materials you are presently sending out, I can help you.

Customized Content
If you're a doctor or medical group who wants to create customized content about

your practice and show it in
the waiting areas in various
offices, I can help you.

Web Site Design/Redesign
If you have a web site that no longer serves your needs, no longer describes what you

do or was designed by
someone you no longer
work with, I can help you.

Lead Tracking
If you would like to track the leads that come in to your company by using your

web site, I can help you.

Consulting Services
If you want to do everything

I just described, all at the
same time, I can help you.

Flexible Fees
I can work on an hourly rate, a monthly retainer, depending on what you need and what works best for you.

My Clients To Date
Advertising Agencies
Medical Centers
Health Systems
Sleep Disorders Centers
Wound Healing Centers
Cancer Treatment Centers
Nursing Schools
Medical Groups
Kitchen Design Consultants
eCommerce Sites
Car Sales Consultants

Client Locations
New Jersey
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